WordPress Consultancy Services

Having worked with WordPress for over 6 years, I am a highly experienced WordPress developer and consultant. Practically all of my web development projects – from this simple site to highly complex projects like Highland Radio – are based on this popular, flexible open-source content management system.

Among the services I can offer are:

  • Development of completely unique, content driven sites from scratch
  • Rapid customisation of existing templates
  • Custom programming – unique plugins to perform functions on your site
  • Integrating WordPress blogs and editable pages with your existing site and web services
  • Development of blog networks (using multi-site, formerly WordPress MU)
  • Integration of E-Commerce with WordPress sites – including via plugins, and with external systems like Magento
  • integration of WordPress with eLearning systems, including Moodle

I have worked on a variety of WordPress projects with clients across Ireland, acting both as the sole developer with my own clients, and as a contractor / consultant to other companies helping them with problems they have faced.

If you would like to discuss a WordPress-related project, please get in touch with me.