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About This Site

While working as Digital Media Director of Strawberry Media, the Digital Media arm of the River Media group of newspapers, I was in charge of developing a standard template that could be rolled out through the group’s stable of local newspapers. The Letterkenny Post was the initial site to roll out, and became the testbed for all the features across the network.

Technologies Used

This site, like most of the sites in my portfolio, is built on the WordPress blogging / content management platform. The sites are heavily adapted, including:

  • Streamlining of back-end – to allow for quick updating of the website to ensure that journalists are not interrupted in busy production environment.
  • Custom post and content types – different styles of articles to facilitate news, sports, photo galleries and “main headline” featured stories. Each type is treated differently throughout the site.
  • On-the-fly image manipulation – photos are uploaded to the site once, in unedited format, and resized and scaled to fit each area – homepage content areas, news & sport listings pages, and individual article pages. This greatly reduces the time needed to add content to the site
  • Integration with Facebook and Twitter – content is automatically syndicated directly to a number of social networks
  • Online photo sales – photographers can quickly upload a full album of photos, which are processed on-the-fly and instantly made available for purchase through PayPal. Orders are then processed through the group headquarters

I was in charge of the entire project, from devising the initial strategy, through photoshop layouts to full programming and delivery, and training of production and editorial staff across the group.

Template in Use

This site is currently in use on six websites:


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