New site launch: Scoil Naisiunta Taobhoige

I’m delighted to say that the new website for Scoil Naisiunta Taoboige (Teevog National School) in Cloghan has just gone live. I worked on the website over the last few months, with the teachers and pupils putting in lots and lots of work on the content over that time.

The site is built using wordpress as a content management system, with the front end layout based on a photoshop template that the school had earlier purchased. I built the HTML, the wordpress templates, and provided some training.

It is no accident that the school staff includes a Múinteoir de Bláca :D

Posted 7 years ago

Responsive Design

If you visit this site from a mobile device, you’ll have noticed that it now looks very different. The site uses a technique called responsive design to tailor the display of content, while maintaining content parity with the standard-display (desktop) version.

The change was relatively simple to build and deploy, as this is a fairly simple site. Fonts, colours, text size and images are tailored to display correctly, without needing to either edit content, or enter items twice. The technique also maintains a single resource at the core, meaning that annoyances like getting the wrong link on Facebook or Twitter, or seeing multiple copies of the same content in search results, do not happen.

Responsive design is not a cure-all, but it offers many advances ahead of other techniques, like offering “mobile” sites at other addresses, or using wordpress tools like WP-touch to deliver different code for each device type. In some cases, those options may be better, but in this case responsive design works best.

If you spot any issues with the site, please do let me know!

Also, I’ve changed the way in which some of the fonts and headlines display. Things should look better, both on desktop and mobile, and each page should load more quickly.

Posted 7 years ago

Senator Brian Ó Domhnaill

I’ve been working with Senator Brian Ó Domhnaill for the last few months to build a site and online campaigning strategy. Which is handy, as this week Brian has been announced as the Fianna Fáil candidate for the Donegal South West byelection on November 25th!

I’d like to wish Brian all the best for the campaign, and look forward to helping out as best I can over the coming weeks.

Posted 9 years ago

A quick thank you

A quick post to say thank you to my good friend Gavin at Greenlight Media, who helped me put together a run of business cards very quickly recently.

As you can see to the right, the design of the cards is very heavily based on the design of this website. But I’m still very excited to get my hands on them; as a web designer, it’s so rare to actually hold something I’ve designed.

Yes, it’s really nerdy, and it’s highly unlikely I’ll have any particular need for these cars. I’m aware of the irony; it’s the very work people like me do that has been making business cards increasingly redundant. But still – they’re real, and I like them.

And of course – apologies for the terrible quality of the picture, snapped with my phone.

Posted 9 years ago

New site launch, Beverley Flynn TD

A quick note to highlight a new site launched over the weekend – for Beverley Flynn TD.

I’ve worked on the site over the summer, and am delighted to get it online now that the Dáil is back. I’ve worked very closely with Beverley, and her team in Castlebar, to ensure the site is functional, visually attractive and will be a key tool in Beverley’s work in the constituency.

More details are being added to the client area in my portfolio.

Posted 9 years ago

A quick update…

… to mention that I’ve started adding some case study pages to the website.

Clients profiled are Dara Calleary TD, Barry Andrews TD, Michael McGrath TD and Highland Radio. I’ve uploaded some photos, and details of the projects and how they were undertaken.

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Posted 9 years ago

New website

Hi, and welcome to my new site!

I will be using this site as an online portfolio, to show my most recent websites and to discuss some of the online campaigns I’ve been involved with (where possible).

Please note that this site is very much a construction site at the moment – things may not work, things that do work may change, and some items may not display correctly in all browsers. I’ll have all that sorted out very quickly.

If you have a project you would like to discuss, then give me a shout on 087 997 3668 or by email to

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