Responsive Design

If you visit this site from a mobile device, you’ll have noticed that it now looks very different. The site uses a technique called responsive design to tailor the display of content, while maintaining content parity with the standard-display (desktop) version.

The change was relatively simple to build and deploy, as this is a fairly simple site. Fonts, colours, text size and images are tailored to display correctly, without needing to either edit content, or enter items twice. The technique also maintains a single resource at the core, meaning that annoyances like getting the wrong link on Facebook or Twitter, or seeing multiple copies of the same content in search results, do not happen.

Responsive design is not a cure-all, but it offers many advances ahead of other techniques, like offering “mobile” sites at other addresses, or using wordpress tools like WP-touch to deliver different code for each device type. In some cases, those options may be better, but in this case responsive design works best.

If you spot any issues with the site, please do let me know!

Also, I’ve changed the way in which some of the fonts and headlines display. Things should look better, both on desktop and mobile, and each page should load more quickly.

Posted 7 years ago on Thursday, June 7th, 2012